Because efficiency matters

CIWM Resource Conference Cymru 2017

With the impending exit from the European Union there is future uncertainty over Wales’ financial situation where we will be unable to access European Structural funds. Important changes are underway and we need to keep up momentum in moving to a more sustainable future.

In resources and waste management more will be expected from businesses, councils, public bodies and others to consume fewer resources, waste less and to separate out and manage their wastes responsibly. It will involve every step from product and service design, manufacture and retail, the built environment and waste management.

This conference provides a timely opportunity to hear about and comment on those changes and to prepare for the future. Whether your aim is to gain business advantage, cut costs or ensure compliance with new waste laws, don’t miss this opportunity to hear and to be heard.

“Wales has been a leader in on the ground action on waste and resource management in the UK and across Europe for the past few years. This leadership is coming to a critical stage as the challenges intensify. In addition, the wider political context, especially the Brexit result but also growing discomfort in the developed world about the impacts of globalisation, is likely to have a significant impact for the future. The 2017 Resource Conference Cymru will be an excellent opportunity for delegates to contribute to the thinking in Wales about future waste and resource management policy – I very much hope to see you there!”
- Dr Colin Church, Chief Executive, CIWM

posted: 03 March 2017