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Grays Waste Holyhead: Segregated Recycling Collections

Grays Waste Management
The aim was to develop a segregated commercial collection for a local waste management company taking them from ‘collect and landfill’ to a fully segregated recycling service.

Previously waste was mainly collected as mixed waste.  This was taken to the transfer station where cardboard was extracted by hand. The disadvantages of the system were that the materials extracted were limited and many of them were contaminated.  Many of Grays existing business customers where keen to move to a commercial segregated recycling service. In line with the targets of the Wales waste strategy Grays were keen to increase the recycling service available to their customers. 

Main aspects of the work included; training staff, waste auditing customers, customer waste assessments, the best collection methods, accessing finance, consolidation of materials, accessing the variety of markets for recyclables, analysis of waste collection routes and skip hire.

Initially a ‘Waste Compositional Analysis’ was carried out by accompanying Gray’s staff on their commercial bin round collection, assessing typical composition of their client’s bins, in particular assessing the percentage of each type of waste available.  This was useful to establish the percentage and quantities of recyclables such as card, glass, plastics and food available. The aim was to find out the types of bins required to take the segregated waste.

Best practice collection methods for different types of customers where then assessed.  This included local Hospitals, cafe, restaurants pubs, caravan parks and offices. I conducted interviews with a cross section of customers to identify barriers to recycling and develop bespoke systems of collection from point of origin.

I successfully applied and obtained a 30% grant from WRAP, value of £50000, to fund the implementation of systems.  The scheme has become a ‘best practice case studies’ highlighted by the Welsh Government C&I sector plan.

Following on from this project I worked closely with a number of business including hotels, the Betsi Cadwalder Trust, retail, restaurants, pubs and holiday parks, including Talacre and Bourne Lesiure. I provided a bespoke service to each establishment enabling the recycling service to be integrated into their working environment. Using innovative collection bins and recycling storage that blends in seamlessly to their waste collections.  I also worked to help them communicate their recycling aspirations to their clientele.

posted: 21 July 2011